Rockport, Maine

Rockport GeoRecord Maps


Wastewater Treatment: Rockport Village by Camden WWTF. Southwest Rockport by Rockland WWTF.

* West Penobscot Bay forest declines,1992-2011, Summarized * Full Report as powerpoint

Rockport Harbor Videos
2015 SW Rockport Harbor near Clam Cove
2012 2012 Porterfield Ledge bayfloor video 2minutes 42 seconds
2007 off Beauchamp Point


Public Access
Rockport Marine Park i s off Pascal Avenue, at the foot of Rockport Harbor. One black-top boat ramp, picnic tables, benches, out-houses Harbormaster's office and several floats. Parking adequate; a few places set aside for boat trailers. A fee is charged to use the ramp. Fishing allows on Harbormaster's dock